Top 10 LED TV Brands In India

There is always confusion about the selection of brands of LED TV, which should you buy. There are so many brands of Smart TVs available in the market nowadays. A TV is a thing which once purchased you did not change it for many years, so it's better to purchase it from the genuine brand.

We have spent hours checking the features, market reputation and customer reviews about these brands. Without wasting any time, let's look at Top 10 Brands of Smart LED TV.


Samsung is one of the oldest, most trusted and biggest brands of LED TVs in India. It has a unique market share in every electrical product, people trust this brand name. 

Samsung always comes up with the latest technology and interface which makes the TV experience enhanced and easier. It is the largest producer of electrical products not only in India but also in the whole world. It has taken the level of LED TV to a whole new    level by launching its first 8k LED TVs in India.


LG is one of the first manufacturers of OLED TVs, they are one of the first to bring this technology into reality. They provide one of the best and latest technology. The OLED technology is the best this time in LED TVs, it is quite different from LCD technology. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode.


Sony has LED TVs of every need and they fulfill all the needs of customers. They have a wide variety of products for every person and they keep on updating their technology side of products as well. 

All the Sony LED TVs are well built and way more superior to other companies. They are famous for making things easy, their user interface in LED TVs is so simple, even kids can easily use their products. 

They even have their latest technology on small screens as well. But they also are raising the bar of standards for others as they are moving ahead of 8K resolution as well.


TCL is an American company that is spreading its roots from Canada all over the world. They provide LED TVs at a low price than others, their LED TVs are affordable by anyone. 

All the sizes and variants of LED TVs are covered by TCL. They try to keep their products available in the market for a longer period. The quality of their products is not as good as Sony and Samsung, but if you are purchasing a TV for normal use this brand should be in consideration.

The interface they use is ROKU is very easy to use and allows the user to have the TV experience easier. They also have 4K LED TVs and their range of 6 series is very good. 


Xiomi is a Chinese company which was founded in 2010. In the last few years, they have grown at a remarkable pace. They provide the best features that you can possibly get at a very reasonable price. 

The price factor of this brand is ultimate as it is way cheaper than Sony and Samsung. You can get a Smart LED TV of Mi company at the price of Sony, Samsung Non-Smart LED TV. 

You can compare Mi with companies like VU, Sanyo or Micromax, but if you compare the quality-factor of MI brand and Samsung, Sony, then Mi's quality is not efficient to those.


Panasonic is a Japanese company and japan are popular for their quality. This brand is much more reliable as compared to brands like Mi, Thomson, iffalcon, VU, etc. It was created in 1955, since then Panasonic has made their place in the market of electrical appliances.

The company has a very positive response in its LED TV section, they also have every size and latest technology product. They have always been the edge of technology and come up with different designs in LED TVs. 


VU is kind of a newbie in the market but growing at a remarkable pace, the VU brand of LED TV is in more than 60 countries all over the world. They provide Smart LED TV at a low price but do not compromise with the features of LED TV.

They come with preloaded apps like Netflix, YouTube, and other video streaming platforms as well. The company is worth more than 1 billion dollars. It also has some negative reviews about the products but overall the products are very fine and running smoothly in most of the cases. 


Thomson is a French company that has come back to India after 30 years. Their LED TVs are available at the Flipkart. They provide a huge variety of products and at a very reasonable price. They provide LED TVs from sizes between 24' to 65'.

They provide LED TVs of 4k technology with an A+ grade display panel at a very reasonable price. In Smart TVs, they provide a good amount of RAM and Internal Storage capacity.


iFFalcon brand reviews are very positive by the customers, most of them are happy and this brand has a very less percentage of complaints. It is one of the most recent companies in the electronic market. This was launched in the year 2017. Yes! it is that new.

This company has the advantage of supplying and manufacturing from its parent company TCL. Products of iFFalcon are not available in stores, they have partnered with Flipkart. You can get their LED TV by ordering on Flipkart. 

They have recently launched their V2A display technology which has a very positive response. This V2A model provides a completely rich and vibrant and perfect display on an LED TV.


The online reviews of this brand are totally mixed. They are not at all one-sided just like others. It has been famous for a very long time, especially it's lightning products.

Philips also has a full range of Smart LED TVs. The price is somewhere between the prices of MI, Thomson and Sony, Samsung. Philips range its products in between high and low. The quality of this brand is more than the other local and newly launched brands, it has acquired a unique market share in sales. they have all types of Smart TVs like FUll HD, HD Ready, 4K LED TVs. 
All the The above-mentioned brands are the top 10 brands of LED TVs in India. They all have their unique features and functions, you can choose any one of the LED TV of your choice from these LED TV Brands. You can also check the Best Smart LED TV in India.

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