What Are Smart TVs? Everything You Need to Know About Them

Modern TVs are completely different from the TVs which we used to have, they are Smart TVs. Smart TVs are much more advanced and have so many features and functions that enhanced the TV experience. If you want to purchase a new one must check The Best Smart LED TV 

They have become much more than just watching movies, news, matches, and listening to songs. They have completely changed the meaning of TVs. We can now surf the internet on smart TVs, watch YouTube, install and enjoy different apps. We can even use our Smart TVs for our social media accounts.

Smart TVs have things easy for us with features like voice-based smart remotes. By using them we can operate our Smart TV with our voice. Without wasting any time let’s take a look at it in detail.

What actually is a Smart TV? How it is Different from Others?

Smart TVs are also TVs just like normal TVs but they have additional features which make them function. They can do things that you can do on your mobile phone, laptop, etc. 

You can install apps in them like Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube and have the experience of watching content on a big screen. It can easily get connected with your Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, even the Bluetooth of your phone.

It is not only about online data but also you can have access to offline data by connecting it to any device. 

What is a Smart Remote?

Smart remote is the remote of Smart LED TV which comes is based on voice-based technology. Voice-based technology allows you to operate your Smart TV with your voice. You can open and close apps or anything on smart TV with your voice.

You just have to give command into your remote and that your TV will follow your command. This is one of the most attractive features on a Smart TV. While purchasing a smart led TV must ask for a voice-based remote, as some brands do not give it with TV.

Software Update in Smart TV

Smart TV's software gets updated from time to time. Every brand comes up with new features and functions for its smart TV models.

Some brands come up with late some come up early but Smart TVs have the option to get an update from the company just like our mobile phone to have. 

It is just like our mobile phones, as they get updates from the company after some time to enhance the experience.

Because technology is changing at a very fast speed so when we purchase Smart LED TV it is based on the latest technology after some time as technology changes we are not going to purchase a new LED TV whenever technology gets old, Right. That is why they come up with updates for Smart TVs as well.

Can a Smart TV crash or hang?

Yes! Smart TVs have their operating systems and just like laptops and PCs they can crash and hang. But this issue was common earlier when they were new. 

As time passes companies have made their systems so much advanced and updated, now there is little to no chance of getting a Smart LED to hang or Crash. 

In case a Smart LED crashed or hanged just turn it off and on it will be working normally. 


Do we really need to purchase a brand new smart led TV to enjoy all these features? What if one already has purchased a non-smart TV but want to enjoy the features of smart LED TV?

We all must admit, it takes a lot of money to purchase a new LED TV. For those who already have purchased a non-smart LED TV, you guys can still convert your normal LED TV into a Smart LED TV. All you need is a free HDMI or USB port and a device to convert it. 

So many devices are available in the market of different companies which can convert your TV into smart. 

But devices like Google chrome cast, apple TV amazon fire TV stick, box type media players are the best devices to convert you TV. All these four are of different prices you must check them all online and order it considering your budget and attach them with your TV. 

Brands of Smart LED TV 

Brands like Sony, Samsung or LG are the kings of this industry and they have acquired the most of market share in sales of Smart LED TVs. If budget is not an issue for you then you must go with these brands. 

Other companies like MI, TCL, iffalcon, Thomson also have a very positive response in the market. People love their LED TVs; they provide users the same experience of a costly Smart LED TV at a very low price. 

One more thing which is a warranty period while purchasing a new smart led TV must consider the warranty period and the flexibility to extend the warranty period of your LED TV. 


The TV experience is incomplete without the proper sound of an LED TV. Must choose the LED TV which has the proper sound system in it. Now TVs come with 40, 20, 10 watts speakers and more also. You must choose the ideal wattage of the speaker by playing them first before actually purchasing it. 

The speaker selection also must be done by considering the size of the room in which you are going to place it. 

These are the main factors that you must know about Smart TV. There are also so many other things that you must know like the additional features of processor RAM and internal, external storage. 

Smart TVs have made things easy with options like connectivity with smart speakers and smart homes. With this people are now able to operate their smart homes with smart TVs. If we do not want to purchase a smart led TV but we all must know what they are up to. We must have knowledge of the latest technology.

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